Hello, My name is Davor!
I am a Webflow Web Developer, partnering with UX-Designers and Digital Agencies on Christian & Positive-Impact Web-Projects.

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Recent Work


As a personal passion project, biblischefilme.de provides the first German collection of Christian movies and tv-shows with the focus on the good news.

It started by me creating a simple website in early 2020. In the latest redesign, I created a visually appealing website that would allow visitors to watch all movies within biblischefilme.de

Technical Details

Technical Details:

For this project, I used Webflow. First I created a complex database via Airtable, with information about movies and tv-shows. Later I imported the data into the native Webflow CMS.

For creating netflix-like sliders, I used swiper.js. To display the videos (which are hosted on multiple different platforms, like youtube, vimeo, dailymotion, odysee…), I created a special HTML-Embed that would conditionally show up, depending on the video-platform chosen for every single collection item (a movie or tv-show-episode).

Webflow allowed me to code this rather complex website from the ground up, while giving me the freedom to implement all features I wanted. The website is now fast, secure, always working and easy to maintain.

Through the CMS Editor, people who want to help can easily add new movies or tv-shows - even if they don’t know how to code.

Hero-Section of the Website biblischefilme.de

FKV Football School

I developed a Landing Page for the newly opened “FKV Football School” in Germany. Working together with former Bundesliga and Champions League footballer Timo Wenzel, the goal is to help young local players grow football- and character-wise through specialized individual and group training.

The website goal was to convey the message and vision of the school, so that at least 15-20 young footballers would sign up for a first training session. We got enormous feedback from the local community and reached our goal within a few days. Unfortunately, due to restrictions, we had to postpone the start until late summer 2021, where we were finally able to get on the pitch.

Hero Section of the FKV Football School Website (fkvfussballschule.de)

Football Culture Club Neu-Ulm

FKV Neu-Ulm is a Sports Club with over 1400 Members located in South Germany. Its goal is to bring people of all ages together, as well as integrating immigrants and helping people from a weaker social background to achieve a better life situation - all through sport. It consists of the 4 departments: Dance, Football, Athletics and SeniorFit.

I got the opportunity to design and develop the website for the Football department. The goal was to create a website that fans and players can visit to regularly read the latest news and information on upcoming games. It includes a regular news blog, live ticker and results, as well as its own Video Library and picture gallery.


More info

A website building process usually consists of 3 main phases: Strategy, Design, Development.

As a Front-End Webflow Web Developer (HTML, CSS, JS), I focus on Development - the technical implementation of a Figma / Sketch / Adobe XD Prototype.

Whenever needed, I use the Webflow CMS and No-Code-Tools like Zapier, Airtable or Memberstack to create more dynamic and complex websites.

The basic service includes everything necessary to professionally launch a Website and be visible online:

- Webflow Website Development via HTML, CSS, JS, JQuery + CMS

- Page Speed optimization (< 2sec on all pages)

- Basic SEO-setup for single pages - includes Page Name, Title Tag, Meta Description

- Basic General SEO-setup - including: Favicon / Webclip / time-zone / language code setup, XML sitemap creation, SSL-certification

- Webflow-backed Top-Security

- Google Analytics setup

- Legal integrations (f.e. Iubenda)

- QA Testing

- Beginner-friendly CMS Editor and Client CMS Training

For more advanced Keyword SEO-optimization or Integrations, additional services can include:
- Advanced SEO setup for single pages (Open Graph Settings, Site Search Settings, RSS Feed setup)

- Advanced Native Integrations: (custom robots.txt, Google Site Verification, Google Canonical Tag URL, Google Optimize, Google Maps, Facebook Pixel)

Advanced 3rd-Party Integrations (Zapier, Airtable, Memberstack, Custom Code)

My process

More info

In the beginning, my goal is to determine if we could be a right fit. Among other things, we usually discuss project scope, budget, timeline and details in a scheduled Google Meet call.

When we get to a mutual agreement, I will send you a short proposal and an invoice. The project starts when the proposal / contract is signed and the first 50% deposit is placed.

Design Files Handoff
As a developer, I will typically ask for a handoff of the following files:

- Creative Brief (Website goals, objectives)
- Design File (Figma, XD, Sketch)
- Non-optimized Assets (Images, SVGs, Favicon, Webclip)
- Legals (Texts & Integrations, f.e. Iubenda)
- SEO Data (optional)

We will also discuss beforehand how software and integrations will be handled. This includes:

- The Webflow Account
- The Domain
- The Google Analytics Account
- Other Integrations (f.e.: Zapier, Memberstack, Airtable, JetBoost)

My process:

1. Web Motion Discovery
2. Website Development
3. QA + Revisions
4. Website Handoff + Client Training

Each milestone is self-contained. After a milestone's tasks are all done, it's signed off as completed. Then we move to the next step.

1. Web Motion Discovery
In the beginning, we conduct a "Web Motion Discovery"-session to decide on the website interactions and animations.

This includes:
- menu open and close
- site switching
- buttons (hover, click)
- other clickables like links, etc.
- element interactions & animations

Through aligning these expectations right at the start, development becomes very streamlined - no back and forth calls needed.

2. Website Development
The next step is the actual Website Development. You will get a link to the “Notion One Pager”. It contains a structured project overview with details, progress and tasks. You can always:

- check the timeline
- track my progress
- check out the website live in development.

I provide a personal update on the progress 2x a week. By that, I try to ensure a high level of transparency, so you know the project is moving forward.

3. QA + Revision
Usually a few days before the final deadline, the website will be fully developed. Now I conduct a QA / testing session to see if everything is working. It includes:

- Functionality Testing
- Usability testing
- Interface Testing
- Database Testing
- Compatibility testing
- Performance Testing
- Security testing
- Additional: Crowd Testing

Here I plan enough time to fix smaller bugs, so we can hit our publishing deadline.

4. Website Handoff + Client Training
Before launch, I will go through a checklist to be sure everything is set up accordingly. Afterwards I transfer the website to the client, help with connecting the domain, set up analytics (and other integrations if necessary), and finally - go live!

As an addition, I will record a “Client Training"-video, where I talk through the Google Analytics Dashboard and the Webflow CMS Editor (where the client can make updates to the website on their own).


More info

What are your terms?
Development projects normally start at 1.000€ and take 1-4 weeks to complete, depending on the Website Scope. I am flexible in terms of payment type, according to my partner's business policies.

If it’s above the budget, but your project is for a good cause - still feel free to reach out to me. I’ll try to help if possible, or refer you to a trusted partner that can help you.

Do you program websites with tools other than Webflow?
I usually don’t work with any other platform besides webflow (Although I have prior experience in working with Wordpress and Squarespace).

I specialized in Webflow because In my personal experience, it is the best platform to build and especially maintain websites, being time- and cost-effective for both developers and clients.

Webflow is an all-in-one platform. It is flexible, lightning fast and secure by itself. Their websites will work long-term after delivery, without the need for an expensive developer to maintain them. The Client can also easily make updates to the website content via the Webflow CMS Editor.

The only costs are web and domain hosting (10-30€ per month).

Do you offer SEO-optimization?
All of the websites I create are optimized through fast page speed, a clean coding structure and a basic SEO-setup for all pages. These are the most important factors to be visible on search engines like Google.

For anything more specific, I provide additional services to integrate more advanced SEO-features, f.e. custom meta titles, descriptions, keywords, etc.

Do you offer maintenance?
As stated above, webflow websites don’t really need technical maintenance. Content can easily be updated by non-technical people. If there is new pages that have to be created, I am open to help on a project basis.

Do you do charity work?
At least twice a year I work on non-profit projects. I choose them wisely and with great care - in the end, it is solely for the good of people.

Next to that, I support a handful of impactful organisations and friends of mine with website maintenance and other digital support as much as possible.


More info

My name is Davor Egyed. I am a 21 year old Croatian, who was born and raised in Germany. I run the Web Development Studio “Derokki Development”.

A bit on my personal backstory:

School, football, music, gaming and programming have been my common childhood activities. While I was mostly happy, I often thought about what the true values of life really were. 

Only two years ago I found out about the Biblical God, the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Through him, I discovered that the sole purpose of life is the good people around me. My friend is everyone who shares these values, even if he is not christian or religious. 

It’s my strong core belief that real happiness comes from loving and caring for others. I founded Derokki Development with the goal of doing projects that will have a positive impact from my conservative, fundamentalist christian point of view.

The company name “Derokki” consists of:
- D and E (my initials) and
- Rokki (my personal nickname) - based on my father’s and my favourite movie character Rocky Balboa. 

I think Rocky is a good representation of what Derokki aims to stand for. Sylvester Stallone has put in in good words: 

“Rocky is a story of faith, integrity and victory. Jesus is the inspiration for anyone to go the distance. It’s all about self-sacrifice and love– it’s hard work and perseverance and everyone should have the warrior spirit. It’s not about ‘me,’ it’s about ‘we.’  

You have a lot of love to give and a lot of service you can give to other people. And the last is, you should overcome your past with some help. If you look to God, you can overcome your past and be reborn and that’s what Rocky is, he’s reborn.”(1)

(1) https://dove.org/sylvester-stallone-speaks-on-faith-and-hope

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