Leading Lightspeed Webflow Development in the UAE

Derokki is a remote Webflow Development Studio based in Croatia & UAE, run by Davor Egyed.

We work almost exclusively with large agencies, connecting to enterprises and government entities in the UAE.

Our services include:
- LTR & RTL Webflow Development
- Technical Dev
- Migrations to Webflow
- Webflow Consulting

Our portfolio features some of the biggest organizations in the Middle East.

Contact us to learn more about our past projects and how we can help.

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Webflow Migration


The First Free German Site for Christian Movies & TV-Shows

Senseinode Blockchain

Multilanguage Website for Blockchain Startup

Links Charity

UK Charity Website


B2C Space Organizing Landing Page

In this challenge, I've redeveloped complex websites completely in Webflow.
The original sites used JS-Frameworks / Wordpress.


Mountain Bike Brand - Rebuild

Local Adventure by Mammut

A challenge to explore local nature - Rebuild


Crunchy Natural Fruit Snack Brand - Rebuild

Maestro-Quality Webflow work Guarantee.

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Pixel-Perfect Delivery

Your Design and the Live-Site 100% match - every time.

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Structured Class Naming

Using industry standard, best practices of Client First.

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Responsiveness on all devices

Desktop, Tablet, Mobile and Wide Screens.

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Pagespeed Optimization

Guaranteed <2sec Pingdom Loading Time.

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Advanced Animations

Fancy Web Motion to wow visitors. Whatever you want.

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SEO Best Practices

Optimized for ranking on Google.

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JS, Custom Code & Integrations

Zapier, Airtable, Javascript, APIs, ... we get it done.

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Team Building

If needed, I can assemble a team of trusted Freelancers, delivering complex projects faster.

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Training & Support

Helping you unlock the full potential of Webflow.