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Let's be real.
The Traditional Service Model is broken.

Stressful Vetting Processes...

We know. It's painfully difficult to find someone good, reliable, and affordable -Especially in the Webflow Space.

Monstrous Sales Cycles...

Email exchanges, multiple Sales Calls, Negotiations, Proposals, Contracts - the definition of bloat, delaying your progress for weeks and months.

Failures during Projects...

The Fear of bad communication, missed Deadlines, overpaying, low-quality output, or your service provider disappearing out of thin air...

Complexity & Wasting Time...

Unnecessary meetings. No project overview. Jumping between Emails, Slack, Notion and Zoom. Needing to micromanage at every corner.

Having to rely on Amateurs...

Very few can build scalable websites, client-friendly CMS and Custom Code solutions. The last 10% of a project often break it. Webflow is easy to learn - but hard to master.

I'm on a mission to fix that.

Hey, I'm Davor - The Founder of DerokkiDev.

I've spent thousands of hours coding video games, apps and websites, and successfully worked on over 40 different Webflow projects.

Sharing common experiences with my clients, I've realized how hard it is to find a truly amazing Developer.

Only a handful combine the low-code power of Webflow with real Front-End-Expertise - and are actually available.

In the past, receiving a simple, great service has been hard.

Now, it doesn't need to be anymore.

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We make Webflow Services easy and accessible for you:

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Your Benefits:

Skip the Fluff

No cliche sales cyles. Start now, not in a month.

Simple Subscription Packages

One Flat-Fee. One Invoice. Cancel, Pause or Recontinue at any time. Just like Netflix.

Lightning Fast Delivery

Turnarounds you won't see anywhere else. Really.

Veteran Webflow Expertise

Big Builds, Fancy Animations, Custom Code - you'll get it done. Guaranteed.

Always Available

Feel like having an In-House Veteran Webflower. <24h response time during business days, Monday to Friday.

Dedicated Dashboard

PM, Communication and Invoices - simply manage it all in one place.

Autonomous Fulfillment

Totally async. No meetings needed. A-Player Deliveries.

Zero Risk

No contracts, no surprises. 7-day 100% Money-Back Guarantee included.


Never worry about Webflow - ever again.

Maestro-Quality Webflow work Guarantee.

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Pixel-Perfect Delivery

Your Design and the Live-Site 100% match - every time.

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Structured Class Naming

Using best practices of Client First & BEM

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Responsiveness on all devices

Desktop, Tablet, Mobile and Wide Screens.

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Pagespeed Optimization

Guaranteed <2sec Pingdom Loading Time.

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Advanced Animations

Fancy Web Motion to wow visitors.

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SEO Best Practices

Optimized for ranking on Google.

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JS, Custom Code & Integrations

Zapier, Airtable, Javascript, APIs... - anything you want

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CMS Editor

Edit website content visually with no code.

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Training & Support

Helping you unlock the full potential of Webflow.

" We have been working with Davor for the last couple of months now. He has been handling any request that came his way with bravour! "

Pedro Guerreiro

Marketing Specialist, Heliox


Couldn't I just hire someone Full-Time?

DerokkiDev aims to offer a more affordable, less risky alternative to hiring employees.

With our monthly plan, you can start, pause and continue the subscription whenever you want - no contracts, no commitment, at a fraction of the cost.

How will I communicate with you?

We will communicate directly through your Dashboard & Slack.

By default, you will also receive relevant information & updates by Email - you can turn these notifications on/off if you prefer.

What if I need a task to be revised?

No worries - you can ask for unlimited revisions. Since they are usually "quick fixes" - expect them to be done in 24 hours!

What if I don't like the service?

I offer a 7-day 100% Money-back-guarantee. This means you have enough time to test out the service and see if we could be a good fit.

You can cancel your plan at any time, with the click of a button - no contracts, no surprises.

How many months will I need to book?

It works just like any subscription service - you can book for just a month, test it out and see if you like it.

Is Derokki an agency?

As of now, DerokkiDev is a Solopreneur Company. This means that you will work directly with me, Davor Egyed.

However, I also have a small circle of Freelancers jumping in for different tasks.

How do you guarantee full availability?

Fair question. As my capacity is currently limited to myself, I'm only taking on 4-6 clients at a time.

For the time being, I'm always available Monday - Friday (excluding important holidays - you will know in advance). At times when I'm absent, I have a small circle of Freelancers who can help out.

I'm looking into hiring people in the future, so you'll be guaranteed full availability during weekdays, all year round, by my team.

Do you offer discounts?

Discounts up to 20% can be provided for long-term agreements (3-month / 6-month plans). Book a Call or Email me for more info.