Links Charity

UK Charity Website

I got the opportunity to develop the new Website of Links Charity UK (formerly Links International). Links Charity operates in over 35 countries around the world, to "connect people, confront poverty and create potential". We were able to:

- cut down costs from hundreds of Pounds per month to just 25£ / month for the website (Webflow: 16£ - Shopify: 9£)

- create a more modern website for the user - making it easy to donate or fundraise

- allow the team at Links Charity to easily edit and publish content on their own

- standartise collecting donations through PayPal, Stripe and Donorfy.

The project has been a cooperation with Mark Debnam (, who mainly worked on the Rebranding & Web Design for Links.

Technical Details

The new website was created via Webflow. The Donation process uses Webflow Forms & PayPal - we will transition to using Donorfy in the near future. The Shop is hosted through Shopify Lite, using the Buy Button feature that is embedded on the website

Website size: 15 static pages - 5 CMS pages

Integrations used: PayPal, Stripe, Webflow Forms, Mailchimp, Donorfy, Google Analytics

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