We can build your Webflow site by tomorrow. Not joking.

Share your Figma Design, and go live in 24-96 hours (up to 20 unique pages).

Pixel-perfect development w/ Client-First. No compromises.

Over 50+ successful projects for clients like:

Top Quality, ultra FAst.

From Design to Dev in Record Time. Check for yourself:

Hyperform.dev: +30 page website launched in 52 hours!
Example Webflow Rebuild - LocalAdventure

24-96 hours - How is THAT possible?
Let me tell you:

I'm Davor, Founder of Derokki, a Webflow Development studio mainly serving large clients in the UAE & Saudi Arabia.

My experience working in the region is that PACE matters. More and more, I receive requests to build Landing Pages in a day, or 10-30 page websites within a few days. While it was stressful in the beginning, I learned how to deliver high-quality work RAPIDLY - using fast-pace, deep focus Dev Sprints, and occasionally leveraging trusted Freelancers.

During a Dev Sprint, we work closely together for a short time. I deliver your website as fast as humanly possible. And you keep moving forward, without delay.

I know it's a bold promise. BUT:

I can deliver on ANY timeline.
Test me.

The CrazyDerokki Dev-Sprint Process:

Call me directly, or fill out the form

We figure out scope, timeline & budget in the next 15min.

Hand over your Figma Design File.

I get to work. Your part is done.

Yes, that's it from your end. Your Landing Page is going live by tomorrow. A project with 5-10 pages in 72 hours. Anything above that within a week (general estimate timeline).

After Launch, I'll be with you for 3 days to do any minor revisions (new pages / design changes not included).

We build using Client-First. All sites will be optimized for fast loading time & standard SEO. We'll run a full QA process, so you don't have to worry about bugs. Coms via Slack or your preferred channel.

Your site will be hosted in your account. I'll teach you how to use it. You'll be independent from me. It's all yours.

No messing about - Let's get your website live!

LIVE - Answering ALL projects requests IMMEDIATELY
(pricing starts at 3k€)

Or fill out the form:

Currently OOO - fill out the form & I'll get back within 24 hours!
(pricing starts at 2k€)

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